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The Social Connectedness Index

A project dedicated to exploring the data-driven narrative around Facebook’s Social Connectedness Index and its influence and comparability to the modern American.

Our Project

This website was created by a group of six undergraduate students at the University of California, Los Angeles as part of their introductory coursework in digital humanities, with direction and assistance from Dr. Ashley Sanders-Garcia and Ruth Livier. Students were tasked with the identification and thorough analysis of a publicly-accessible database with a focus on constructing a humanities-driven narrative.

This project seeks to uncover the humanitarian narrative behind the Social Connectedness Index, a calculated metric created by Facebook, Inc. through their Data for Good initiative. Acting as a representation of geographical social ties both around the country and around the world, the SCI acts as a stepping stone for greater understanding of microeconomics and the value of connectedness in individual economic success.

Our Research Questions

What role does a company like Facebook play in humanitarian research?

What does the correlation between SCI and labor statistics tell us about the role of identity in individual economic success?

What types of identity traits and personalities are associated with the dominant narrative of "high" social connectedness?

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